300 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement Of Bonfiglioli 300L1 300L2 300L3 300L4 300R2 300R3 300R4

Replaceable Planetary Gearbox Models

The 300L series and 300R series planetary gearboxes can be interchangeable with the following models of Trasmital Bonfiglioli.

The installation and dimensions of the planetary gearboxes are strictly designed according to Italian and American manufacturers, so they are interchangeable with Brevini ED, ET, EQ, EM, EC, and EL Bonfiglioli 300 series, and Dinamicoil RE, RA series. Performance and connection size. They are ideal substitutes for those Italian products.

300L 1 300L 2 300L 3 300L 4 300R2 300R3 300R4
301L 1 301L 2 301L 3 301L 4 301R2 301R3 301R4
303L 1 303L 2 303L 3 303L 4 303R2 303R3 303R4
305L 1 305L 2 305L 3 305L 4 305R2 305R3 305R4
306L 1 306L 2 306L 3 306L 4 306R2 306R3 306R4
307L 1 307L 2 307L 3 307L 4 307R2 307R3 307R4
309L 1 309L 2 309L 3 309L 4 309R2 309R3 309R4
310L 1 310L 2 310L 3 310L 4 310R2 310R3 310R4
311L 1 311L 2 311L 3 311L 4 311R2 311R3 311R4
313L 1 313L 2 313L 3 313L 4 313R2 313R3 313R4
315L 1 315L 2 315L 3 315L 4 315R3 315R4
316L 1 316L 2 316L 3 316L 4 316R3 316R4
317L 1 317L 2 317L 3 317L 4 317R3 317R4
318L 1 318L 2 318L 3 318L 4 318R4
319L 1 319L 2 319L 3 319L 4 319R4
321L 1 321L 2 321L 3 321L 4 321R4

The 300 series planetary gearbox is compact and powerful, making them ideal for all heavy-duty applications where shock loads and shocks are more of the rule than the exception. Product configurations are highly versatile due to a wide range of mounting, gear layout, output shaft, and motor interface options. All features are available in each of 20 fine pitch frame sizes with torque ranges from 1,000 to 1,100,000 Nm.

Specifications of Planetary Gearbox

Torque range

1,000 … 1,100,000 Nm (8,850 … 9,735,820 in-lb)

Gear ratios

3.4 … 5,000

Transmissible Mechanical Power

up to 1,050 kW

Brake options

hydraulic brake
Hydraulically released parking brake available on request
Electric brake
DC and AC type


Foot and flange mounted
Output shaft: solid with key, splined, splined hollow, hollow with shrink disc


Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
IEC and NEMA motor adapters
Solid input shaft

Applicable motors

Piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
Electric motors IEC

Application of 300 series Planetary Gearbox

Mobile applications

  • Hoisting, earth moving, and agricultural equipment
  • Combines
  • Winches, marine
  • Drilling, tunneling machines
  • Slew drives
  • Asphalt pavers
  • Dredges
  • Snowblowers, snowplows
  • Harvesting machines

Industrial and stationary applications

  • Water treatment
  • Forming machines
  • Sugar mixing machines, agitators
  • Crushers
  • Screw feeders
  • Conveyors
  • Clay working machinery
  • Metallurgical
  • Shredders
  • Mixer drives
  • Roller drives
  • Paper mills

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of planetary gearboxes (Hydraulic Transmission, Slewing Drive, Oscillating Drive Gearboxes) in China. We have more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing various planetary gearboxes according to customer requirements. Our company has an ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate; we provide a one-year warranty and lifetime technical service.

The output torque of our rotary gearbox/slewing reducer is 1000-450000N. M, reduction ratio from 3.3 to 5000. Replacement of Bonfiglioli, Brevini, RR, O&K, Tejin, NACHI, KYB, Fairfield, or Sauer according to special requirements and designs.