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Product Overview

youmule(UML) worm gearbox with independent intellectual property rights, is featured with low noise,low temperature rise,no oil leakage, short lead time, convenient installation and maintenance free.It includes NMRV worm gearbox and NRV worm gear box

UML worm gearbox promotes lean production,builds intelligent factories,and realizes the integration of research ,production, supply, marketing and service, so as to meet customers’ demand for rapid response through complete product planning and design such as “core product-extreme technology , peripheral product-extreme service, external product-extreme experience” and the implementation of the optimal plan of lean production in the whole value chain such as “product planning , design validation, processing test, assembly test, warehouse logistics, sales service, information system, HR, operation plan, strategy planning”
UML provides great clients across the world!
Product Details
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NMRV063 Series i7.5-100 worm gear box
Worm Gear Speed Reducer/ Gearbox
Model No.
Blue(Ral5010)/Silver Grey (RAL9006) Or On Customer Request
Housing: Size 25-110 Is Aluminum Alloy, Size 110-150 Is Cast-Iron
Worm Wheel: ZCuSn10Pb1
Pinion:Tin Bronze
Output Shaft: Steel-45#
Industrial Machine: Food Stuff, Ceramics, Chemical, Packing, Dyeing,Wood working, Glass.
IEC Flange:


UML worm gearbox follows the concept of modular and optimized design, it includes worm gearbox,solid shaft input interface, IEC electric motor input interface, servo motor input interface, NEMA motor input interface, solid shaft output module, hollow shaft output module, flange output module, foot mounting, flange mounting, torque arm mounting and etc..This product supports the modular combination and integration of multi-stage gearbox with different types adapters.And available for customized base on customer requirement.



·Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Box
·Nice Looking in Appearance
·Compact in Structure Rust Proofing on Surface
·Small Volume to Save Mounting Space
·Good Radiating Characteristic
·Strong Capacity of Loading and Overload
·Stable Transmission
·Less Vibration and Noise
·Varies of Connecting Structure


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